Month: November 2018

Dirichlet-Multinomial update

After binary coin toss visualization with Bayesian update in our earlier post, we move to generalization of multinomial Random Variable. What’s the example? When we did the coin toss, we got the T (tail) or H (head) as the...

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Bayesian Update

How do we know a coin is fair enough to toss? The obvious way is to make an experiment by throwing it several times. We record the outcomes by counting how many tail (T) and head (H) appear. We could give the value of tail is 0,...

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Relevance Words Scoring using TextRank

Relevance Words Scoring using TextRank   TextRank is a model for text processing that can be used to find the words relevances in text. This model is proposed by Rada Mihalcea and Paul Tarau on 2004 in a paper titled, “TextRank:...

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